ASSIA Expresse Solutions Help Service Providers Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience management (CEM or CXM) is an area of growing strategic importance for corporations today. For broadband service providers, CEM can significantly impact revenues and profitability by creating upsell opportunities within customer accounts; attracting and retaining customers for high lifetime average revenue per user (ARPU); and improving customer satisfaction.

To help quantify customer experience, Forrester Research last year asked more than 7,600 consumers to report on their interactions with 160 brands across 13 categories of companies, including Internet and wireless service providers. Forrester then calculated Customer Experience Index (CXi) scores for the brands.

The Forrester report, “The Business Impact of Customer Experience, 2012,” states that “Firms that move from below average to above average in the CXi are likely to have more customers willing to buy from them again. Even if only a fraction of those customers make another purchase in the same year, the effect on revenue can range from $15 million for retailers to as much as $788 million for wireless service providers, whose extremely large subscriber bases mean that even a small percentage change in repeat purchasers translates into a very large dollar value.”

That quote speaks volumes about the importance of customer experience in our industry.

To help service providers manage their customer experience, ASSIA developed Expresse Solutions – a new portfolio of software and professional services offerings that enable service providers to grow revenues, increase customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiencies.

ASSIA has built Expresse Solutions around the company’s flagship DSL Expresse product, and the extensive database of performance information that this product collects for individual broadband connections. This information provides detailed insight to service quality (performance and reliability), pinpoints the causes of quality problems, and identifies appropriate action to resolve the problems.

To help service providers gain the greatest benefit from DSL Expresse, Expresse Solutions include a range of professional service offerings designed to address specific customer experience challenges and opportunities across the service provider organization:

  • For Customer Care, Expresse Solutions provide more accurate insight to resolve issues promptly, accurately, and on the first call.
  • In Field Operations, Expresse Solutions reduce unnecessary dispatches and improve the ability to identify and resolve issues promptly and without return visits.
  • Within Network Operations, Expresse Solutions improve performance and reliability of the broadband connection, including proactive identification of potential service delivery issues.
  • For Marketing, Expresse Solutions improve customer satisfaction resulting in lower churn and higher ARPU.

As part of Expresse Solutions, ASSIA applies the company’s knowledge and expertise gained from managing more than 60M broadband connections worldwide. As a strategic vendor and trusted advisor to leading service providers around the globe, the company has developed Expresse Solutions based on proven best practices for Customer Experience Management in broadband service delivery.

To learn more about how ASSIA Expresse Solutions can improve customer experience, please visit the Expresse Solutions section of our website and contact us