Big Data Analytics Is In Our DNA

ASSIA DSL Expresse collects more than 7TB of performance data every day, 365 days a year, for more than 70 million DSLs around the globe. Using proprietary algorithms, all this data is analyzed by the DSL Expresse system to adjust the settings of each DSL regularly and achieve the optimal combination of speed and reliability.

Performance data is collected directly from the network through standard software agents running on our customers’ DSLAMs (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) – the equipment that connects the phone line to the service provider’s network.

For each DSL, the agents collect hundreds of parameters throughout the day and DSL Expresse servers running in the service provider data center or in the cloud automatically query the agent to collect this data for detailed analysis and interpretation by ASSIA algorithms.

More recently, our customers have benefitted from several important developments in ASSIA’s big data analytics capabilities:

• Analysis of real-time data
Real-time data helps departments across the organization to identify and resolve performance issues more quickly and effectively. Expresse Solutions Active Care uses real-time data to help customer service agents address customer issues the first time the customer calls, rather than having to dispatch a technician to investigate the problem or call the customer back after researching the problem in more detail.
• Integration of DSL performance data with data from other operational systems
ASSIA’s analytics solutions integrate DSL performance statistics with data from other operational systems (such as operational support systems, billing support systems, customer relationship management, and technician workforce management). For example, Expresse Solutions Smart Vectoring combines DSL performance, outside plant, and customer data to help sales and marketing organizations identify opportunities for selling higher value services based on vectored VDSL.
• Analysis of Structured and Unstructured Data
In conjunction with structured operational data (typically stored in a relational database such as an Oracle server), ASSIA solutions analyze new sources of unstructured data collected through social media, customer feedback, mobile applications, and other sources. This data provides service providers with an effective way to monitor the customer experience more closely. For instance, the service provider can respond to DSL performance issues in a more proactive manner rather than waiting for the customer to complain to a call center agent.


All of the solutions above rely on ASSIA’s unique expertise in analyzing and interpreting DSL performance data. By extending this analytic insight to encompass data from other operational systems, ASSIA helps customer care agents provide a better customer experience, field service technicians pinpoint and resolve network issues more quickly, and marketing/sales professionals identify new opportunities to grow top line revenues.

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