Customer Care Enhancement


Expresse Solutions Customer Care Enhancement offering brings significant advantages to broadband service providers for improving operational efficiencies in the contact center, while at the same time enhancing the customer experience.

In particular, an incomplete view of the lifecycle for customer care incidents will significantly limit insight for how call flow processes and decisions impact the customer experience and operational costs. As a result, providers experience a higher percentage of unnecessary dispatches, prolonged resolution times, and higher call-back rates.


Expresse Solutions Customer Care Enhancement identifies opportunities for more effectively using data, diagnostic tools, and analytics in the contact center to resolve performance issues more quickly and effectively, and toincrease customer satisfaction. Customer Care Enhancement helps providers:

  • Introduce tools to improve accuracy of diagnosing faults in the home versus the outside plant, enabling more accurate technician dispatch.
  • Establish criteria and guidelines for more effectively containing operational costs associated with “no trouble found” issues that can result in repeat calls and dispatches.
  • Reduce the rate of multiple dispatches, for instance by providing historical data and analysis to isolate “sporadic” issues that may recur unexpectedly.
  • Improve “right the first time” results for customer care by identifying issues more accurately on the first call, and taking the appropriate action.
  • Deliver a consistent diagnostic view to contact center and field service personnel for more coordinated action.


Expresse Solutions Customer Care Enhancement: A Better Path to a Satisfied Customer