Deliver Real Quality of Experience to Wi-Fi Residential Subscribers

Self-Healing Wi-Fi NetworksWi-Fi growth has exploded. Bandwidth to the home is increasing. More Wi-Fi issues than ever.

Manage and optimize residential home Wi-Fi networks with ASSIA’s CloudCheck™ Software. Subscribers experience improved Wi-Fi  network performance in the home while the operator reduces their customer care costs.


Delivering Subscriber Quality-of-Experience

With more connected devices and more available bandwidth to the home, subscribers demand a high quality Wi-Fi experience in the home. The Wi-Fi experience can often suffer to many environmental factors, such as congestion, noise, and interference. These impairments impact the user’s Wi-Fi experience measured by poor throughput, latency, and/or coverage. Denser urban environments such as multi-dwelling units (MDU) create additional challenges due to the proximity of users and the impact of the building on wireless penetration.


Today operators lack effective tools to efficiently assess subscriber Wi-Fi QoE, and diagnose and resolve Wi-Fi related issues. At the same time, subscribers cannot easily resolve issues without having to call their service provider. This inability to diagnose and address Wi-Fi problems translates to high operating costs for the service provider due to ineffective or lengthy support calls, expensive truck rolls for on-site service, and replacement CPEs.


Operator Service Costs Grow Exponentially for Wi-Fi Issues


CloudCheck Complete Solution for Subscriber Care

CloudCheck is purpose-built for ISPs as the cost-effective universal solution to address the underlying Wi-Fi network issues affecting subscriber Quality-of-Experience. It scales to the entire subscriber network, and seamlessly integrates with existing operator care workflows.

CloudCheck Optimization Server utilizes cloud-based machine learning and deep analytics to evaluate historical and real-time conditions of the Wi-Fi environments and to makes automatic, contextual- based optimizations that are ideal for each node on the network. Status, updates, alerts and recommendations via console APIs or a CloudCheck mobile app help turn call center agents, field techs, and subscribers into Wi-Fi “experts” and provide assisted or self-care.


The CloudCheck mobile APP allows the subscriber or field technician to become a Wi-Fi expert. Through this app, end-users and field technicians can interact with CloudCheck and optimize the Wi-Fi network environment. The app contains a SpeedTest for measuring true broadband and Wi-Fi throughput, SweetSpots for Wi-Fi signal strength measurements and Smartifi to manage the Wi-Fi network and automatically optimize Wi-Fi performance. The mobile app runs on APIs for both iOS and Android.



This lightweight software agent is loaded on a home gateway device and measures and analyzes broadband and Wi-Fi throughput, as well as real-time Wi-Fi QoE. The agent uploads Wi-Fi information to the CloudCheck Analytics Server. The agent provides real-time reaction to the Wi-Fi environment and executes self-healing policies to optimize the network for best possible user experience.
The CloudCheck API enables integration into OSS/BSS systems and customer care workflows.


The CloudCheck platform consists of four key components to deliver end-to-end Wi-Fi QoE.

CloudCheck Features and Benefits

  • “Real-Q” Technology. Real-time, historical, predictive Wi-Fi QoE analysis based on user context and measured performance of the Wi-Fi network. Ensures the subscriber’s Wi-Fi experience is always optimal.
  • Real-time speed test capability measures true broadband AND Wi-Fi speeds without any additional software required on the user devices.
  • “Beyond–the-Box” visibility and control. Extends operator QoE beyond the RG to the end-user device. Other solutions cannot heal Wi-Fi issues on a per device level.
  • Auto Diagnosis of problem areas in network such as low throughput, congestion, interference, poor coverage, and high latency that cause poor user experience.
  • Self-healing of the Wi-Fi network for optimizing QoE.
  • Self-care and assisted-care for subscribers, field techs and agents via a simple-to-use mobile app so that users can avoid making unnecessary service calls.
  • Software-only solution ensures compatibility with existing and future back-end systems and vendor CPEs.
  • Hardware agnostic architecture enables CloudCheck to work with any manufacturer’s gateway device.
  • Highly scalable architecture ensures performance and cost goals for subscriber networks of any size.
  • Cloud based key computing elements and analytics to provide ease of upgrade and to reduce loads on residential networks and CPE.
  • Flexible APIs offer capabilities and benefits to ISP operations in a highly adaptable and configurable manner, and tie to existing OSS/BSS, portals, and business intelligence systems.
  • Customizable report generation capabilities. Analytics data is accessible with a set of essential built-in reports for the operator to view, analyze, and correlate data. Agent

With CloudCheck, operators now have the visibility and control they need to ensure a world-class Wi-Fi subscriber experience.