Revolutionizing the Connected Customer Experience in the Era of Big Data

For broadband service providers, troubleshooting customer performance problems has grown increasingly complex. Recent consumer trends contribute to this complexity as users require faster connections for online video and gaming using smartphones, tablets, set top boxes, and a range of other devices.

At the same time, service providers today are able to collect a much broader set of performance statistics for every customer, and even for every device. Providers have access to detailed performance measurements for speed and reliability of the broadband connection, as well as data regarding application usage, type of device, and type of connection (such as wired or wireless). Call and dispatch records, and multichannel customer communications such as social networking, provide additional consumer insight.

With the appropriate set of software analytical tools, service providers can mine these diverse data repositories to identify and resolve issues that can impact the customer experience. Today’s expert system and decision support software deliver customer insight that, until recently, was not achievable.

For example, detailed historical trending can detect many performance issues even before the customer notices a problem. And sophisticated analytics can more accurately pinpoint the precise cause of the problem (including whether the issue resides in the service provider network or in the customer’s home LAN environment).

Today, service providers demand new ways to process and use customer data in order to provide the best user experience. In the contact center, a customer service agent cannot possibly process all of the available information without the assistance of decision support tools. The agent benefits from a solution that processes a wide range of relevant data and that recommends the most suitable course of action. This recommendation is based on real-time network statistics, historical performance data, service products and agreements (such as voice and IPTV), call and service records, and more.

For the field technician, data analysis tools help to pinpoint more accurately the likely cause of performance issues. These software tools reduce trial-and-error troubleshooting and consequently improve resolution rates. The technician benefits from an integrated view of all the factors that may impact the customer experience, along with recommendations for appropriate action. After applying a repair, the technician views real time information about the state of the connection to verify successful resolution of the issue.

In summary, service providers have a new opportunity to improve the customer experience by leveraging the vast repository of data already available to them. Sophisticated software tools provide decision support and expert systems guidance to deliver a new level of service and responsiveness to address the growing demand for a fast and reliable broadband connection.