ASSIA works with leading service providers across the globe as a strategic partner delivering broadband solutions that grow revenues, increase customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiencies.

ASSIA Expresse Solutions combine ASSIA software with ASSIA professional services using an end-to-end methodology that incorporates people, technology, and processes. As part of this methodology, ASSIA adapts proven best practices for broadband management to complement service providers’ existing operations.

For ASSIA’s customers, these solutions address a range of opportunities with new, innovative capabilities for personalizing service delivery and increasing customer loyalty. With ASSIA’s expert insight and analysis, service providers can grow profitability and market share in an increasingly competitive market.

ASSIA offers a range of Expresse Solutions to address the unique opportunities and challenges faced by service providers today:

Customer Experience Management: Expresse Solutions combine products and services designed to build customer satisfaction, brand affinity, and customer loyalty. In the competitive market for broadband services, Expresse Solutions allow service providers to deliver a leading Quality of Experience (QoE) with superior performance and reliability.

Customer Empowerment: Expresse Solutions provide new, innovative services and capabilities that extend customer experience management by enabling subscribers to tailor service delivery to their specific needs and interests. Customer Empowerment enhances the brand experience by providing a more personalized interaction with the customer.

Customer Care Automation: Expresse Solutions help service providers to deliver prompt and appropriate resolution to customer issues and at the same time improve operational efficiency. Broadband diagnostics and analytics provide the customer care agent with insight that allows better decisions that improve customer satisfaction.

Next Generation Networks: Built on ASSIA’s strength in broadband networks, Expresse Solutions help service providers leverage their investment in existing networks with innovative, advanced capabilities to compete more effectively in the rapidly evolving market for broadband services. Expresse Solutions help service providers gain insight to the network for new revenue opportunities and operational efficiencies.