Active Care


ASSIA Expresse Solutions Active Care offering helps broadband service providers increase customer satisfaction and enhance contact center operations. Active Care brings expert guidance to agents using an advanced expert system and comprehensive data analytics.

With Active Care, agents can provide accurate and timely service to the consumer, reduce the incidence of escalations, and avoid the need to dispatch a technician or send out replacement equipment.

Expresse Solutions Active Care provides a holistic approach that considers people, process, and technology in delivering improvements for contact center operations. As part of Expresse Solutions, ASSIA professional services consultants work with the service provider on a comprehensive program to implement and optimize the Active Care capabilities in the contact center.


Active Care helps service providers:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing detailed and relevant information and guidance to resolve broadband issues
  • Solve issues quickly on the first call and reduce repeat calls
  • Enhance agent productivity through integrated diagnostics and guidance for timely and accurate incident resolution
  • Reduce guesswork, trial-and-error in problem resolution and decrease new agent “ramp up” time
  • Improve call center performance through shortened call times and improved resolution rates
  • Reduce the need for case escalation and for technician service calls and decrease repeat calls

Express Solutions Active Care For Contact Center

• Adjust DSL performance profile

• Change the service product

• Replace problematic equipment

• Ask customer to check for missing microfilter

• Dispatch field technician

• Not a DSL problem