Customer Care Automation


With rising customer expectations for broadband service performance and reliability, service providers gain significant advantage if they can detect and resolve broadband service issues automatically, even before the customer calls (or notices a change in service quality).

Expresse Solutions include a suite of software and professional services designed to automate a range of tasks for customer care and to deliver the highest quality service possible to broadband consumers.

As a result, service providers can reduce the overall number of calls, shorten call times, dispatch technicians more effectively, and reduce repeat calls. At the same time providers can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the time to resolve service problems. Expresse Solutions equip customer care agents with software and services that provide end-to-end visibility, insight, and guidance to resolve the issue quickly, on the first call.

With Expresse Solutions, customer care agents have information, insight, and guidance to resolve issues quickly and effectively. ASSIA’s expert system analyzes in real-time all of the information available for the broadband connection. Sophisticated algorithms pinpoint the cause of the problem and provide a recommended solution.

Solution Components

Service Offerings

  • Dispatch Effectiveness: Provides detailed, specific, and actionable information to customer care agents based on historical and real-time conditions of a customer’s line. Improves troubleshooting and accuracy of dispatch decisions.
  • Customer Retention: Synthesizes detailed diagnostic information for early identification and resolution of performance or reliability issues before the customer calls or cancels service.
  • Outside Plant Rehabilitation Service: Automatically identifies and reports faults within the physical design and structure of the network that can have significant impact across a large number of customers.

DSL Expresse Software

  • ClearView: Automatically provides the contact center agent with the right next step to resolve the customer issue based on expert system analysis.
  • Enhanced Diagnostics: Offers real-time performance evaluation and accurately pinpoints common broadband network faults.
  • Service Recommender: Collects and reports highly accurate and reliable information about line performance to determine the optimal service level available for a particular broadband subscriber.
  • Neighborhood: Analyzes and isolates network issues that affect multiple subscribers based on performance statistics, patterns, and trends for particular geographic regions.