Customer Empowerment


Broadband consumers today expect more than a fast, reliable connection. They expect a service provider to deliver a much higher level of interaction and responsiveness through more personalized service – for example when setting up new features or resolving a technical issue.

Customer empowerment represents the next phase of delivering a flawless customer experience by providing subscribers with new capabilities to optimize their broadband service based on how, where, and when they use the service. For instance, subscribers who watch HD video can use a mobile or Wi-Fi connected device to optimize their broadband connection for the best image quality.

With customer empowerment, service providers enhance the broadband experience by letting the customer personalize the service according to his needs. Expresse  Solutions enable a new level of responsiveness that dramatically increases customer satisfaction, enhances brand loyalty, and attracts new customers.

Solution Components

Service Offerings

  • Multi-Channel Interaction: Extends customer support and interaction for broadband services to mobile, Web, and application-level channels
  • User Experience Benchmarking: Enables service providers to analyze and evaluate the broadband end-to-end service level across mobile, Wi-Fi, LAN, and WAN.


  • Mobile: Enables subscribers to personalize their broadband experience using applications for mobile phones and tablets (Android and iOS).
  • Web: Provides subscribers with a website for optimizing the broadband connection from their preferred browser.
  • Browser Plug-in: Enhances capabilities of existing websites to report status of the broadband connection and to identify and resolve issues automatically that would otherwise degrade the user experience.