Customer Experience Management


Customer experience directly impacts a broadband service provider’s success in attracting and retaining customers in a highly competitive environment. Consumers who are unsatisfied with their fixed broadband service are twelve times more likely to change service providers within the next six months compared to those who are very satisfied, according to industry studies.

ASSIA Expresse Solutions help service providers deliver a superior broadband experience to subscribers, grow brand loyalty, and improve customer retention. Expresse Solutions include a suite of software and services designed to deliver the highest quality service possible to broadband consumers.

Built on ASSIA’s DSL Expresse platform, Expresse Solutions provide knowledge, expertise, and best practices for improving customer satisfaction with high performance, highly reliable broadband services. For each Expresse Solutions engagement, ASSIA consultants work closely with the service provider to implement specific capabilities tailored to the strategic business objectives of the provider.

Solution Components

Service Offerings

  • Performance Management: Provides detailed assessment and benchmarking of network performance and operational data, with recommendations for optimizing network configuration and processes to improve service delivery.
  • Customer Retention: Synthesizes detailed performance metrics for early identification of broadband “lines-in-trouble” that have performance or reliability issues, allowing the service provider to resolve the matter proactively before receiving a call from the subscriber.

DSL Expresse Software

  • Performance Evaluation: Enables call center agents and technicians to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively with state of the art DSL diagnostics tools and reports.
  • Profile Optimization: Identifies the best performance profile for a broadband connection in real-time, ensuring optimal speed and reliability for the subscriber.
  • Service Recommender: Provides highly accurate and reliable analysis and interpretation of line performance and determines the optimal service level available for a broadband subscriber.
  • Neighborhood: Accurately predicts and qualifies DSL performance for new customers and services based on analysis of performance statistics for particular geographic region.