Next-Generation Networks


Service providers today are competing in rapidly evolving markets for broadband services. Not only are they under intense pressure to deliver innovative services, but they also have to evolve their networks to meet the growing needs of broadband consumers. Never before has it been so important to roll-out new network technologies quickly with fewer resources, and to achieve the maximum gains faster.

ASSIA’s Expresse Solutions empower the service provider to deliver new broadband services and to accelerate the deployment of the most advanced network technologies.

Expresse Solutions enable the service provider to maximize the return on investment from network transformations, including:

  • Fiber-to-the-node and VDSL deployment to support IPTV
  • Roll-out of bonded DSL to extend the reach of high-speed data
  • Vectored VDSL deployment for delivering 100 Mbps performance
  • Adoption of new DSL technologies for high-quality, innovative broadband services
  • Replacement of legacy DSL with a fiber-to-the-home network

Solution Components

Expresse Solutions are custom designed to the specific needs and objectives of the service provider.

Design & Planning

  • Equipment validation and test plan design
  • Lab verification of new technology for expected deployment scenarios
  • Network evaluation for technology introduction
  • Line-by-line assessment of technology suitability and new revenue opportunity
  • Network-wide impact assessment – quantification of benefits and costs
  • Design of technology introduction program – upgrade planning
  • Design of service offerings meeting both business needs and technology constraints

Roll Out and Maintenance

  • Deployment of ASSIA’s DSL Expresse platform (if not already present in the network)
  • Design of service qualification rules to maximize service reach
  • Design of line optimization rules to make best use of new technologies and minimize disruption to legacy services
  • Tracking of the roll-out effort and periodic progress reporting
  • Quarterly system review – reporting and tuning to maximize benefits

ASSIA has extensive experience working with service providers on planning and deploying next generation networks. Working with providers around the globe, the company applies best practices for implementing VDSL technology and bonded ADSL2+, in addition to conducting assessments for vectored VDSL. In another example, Expresse Solutions engagements are enabling the design, test, and implementation of retransmission technology, including lab study, field trial, deployment, and dynamic management.