Outside Plant Maintenance


ASSIA Expresse Solutions Outside Plant Maintenance offering helps providers to effectively prioritize wiring maintenance tasks to focus on those repairs that have the greatest overall impact on the customer experience.

Advanced diagnostics enable field service operations to quickly identify and isolate issues, assess the severity of the problem and the total number of customers affected.
Detailed guidance help locate the source of the issue, while expert systems provide recommendations for proactive repair and resolving existing problems.


Outside Plant Maintenance assists service providers in a number of activities to ensure an optimal broadband experience:

  • More quickly and effectively recover from a storm or similar event that impacts the integrity of the cable plant;
  • Improve the customer experience and avoid customer support calls by proactively identifying and resolving performance degradation caused by wet or corroded cables;
  • Validate and prioritize backlogged cable maintenance work orders in order to fix the worst problems first;
  • Provide the customer care agent with an accurate diagnosis of cable-related faults and automatically disposition the trouble ticket to the cable maintenance department; and
  • Enable the cable maintenance crew to test for cable-related issues in the field, for instance to pinpoint the location of the problem or to verify a fix.