Smart Vectoring


Essential management for increasing speeds, reducing costs

Smart Vectoring is a software management solution designed by experts to help service providers accelerate vectored VDSL deployments, while driving high performance and ensuring rapid profitability.

An essential management technique for this leading-edge technology, Smart Vectoring has shown it can reduce operating costs by up to 60 percent and capital expenditures by up to 40 percent, compared with approaches that use no vectored line management.

Furthermore, Smart Vectoring enables service providers to deploy vectoring across networks made up of multivendor hardware equipment and to upgrade the network gradually, managing vectored and non-vectored lines as needed.

Smart Vectoring is a comprehensive approach that helps support service providers’ critical business objectives, including:

  • Maximum return on investment: service providers can accurately qualify customers and networks for vectored services and plan gradual rollouts to manage costs and deliver new services to those customers likely to upgrade.
  • Selective and targeted capital expenditure: the performance of legacy line-cards and DSLAMs also can be improved while delivering vectoring incrementally or en masse. This contrasts with other approaches that advocate replacing all line cards with vectored line cards and simultaneously upgrading all lines to vectored lines.
  • Support for multi-vendor networks: Smart Vectoring software-based management normalizes high vectoring performance gains, so service providers can choose their best-of-breed equipment vendors strategically, and avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Improved customer satisfaction:  Automatic optimization of all lines and interference management result in fewer trouble calls and dispatches, and streamlined customer care operations.

By managing vectored lines, Smart Vectoring reduces the possibility of dramatic cost increases–up to 3 times–that can occur with unmanaged vectored lines. These cost increases result from interference that occurs once vectoring cancels crosstalk. If this line interference is not managed, many of the advantages of vectoring can be lost.


For more information on how Smart Vectoring can help you increase speeds and reduce costs, contact ASSIA today.